28 July- Susa Fireworks Show

During summer season, Fireworks events can be enjoyed in Japan, not only at main cities but also at small towns like Hagi.

Earlier, Hagi Fireworks Show held on 1st August, Susa Fireworks Show will be held on 28th July, 8PM.


Susa is about 30km away from the central of Hagi town, having a stratum which is historically and geologically important, and a nice viewing spot from Mt. Koyama (532.8m high) where you can see whole Japanese Sea.


The point of Susa Fireworks Show is its explosive sound caused by Susa's geographical feature.

Susa area is surrounded by mountains and they resonates the explosive sound.


Usually, Susa is peaceful fishermen’s village but before and on the fireworks day, 15,000 people are gathered.